A healthy life…..2015!

What does this mean to you? Well it’s December 31st and I’ve yet to really think about resolutions for 2015. All the resolutions I’ve ever made relate to living a more healthy life. Sound familiar? Most people think of a healthy life as…I’ll lose weight, I’ll quit smoking; I’ll eat better; etc. Most of these things, while worthwhile and doable, tend to fall by the wayside come January 15th, or sooner.  It’s not necessarily our fault.  Life, or what we perceive to be life, gets in the way. Maybe its working 50 hours week that gets in the way of our best intentions. Struggling to put food on the table, juggling family time, and trying to find time to be everything to everyone else that causes us to short change ourselves and our life.  It is our life. It is our decision how to live it.  Easier said than done, right?

What makes 2015 different than 2014, 2013, 2012 and so on? I choose. I choose how I’m going to live going forward. I will not let fear of failure, fear of judgment or anything else stand in my way of living my life. I will live a healthy life. I will eat to nourish myself. I will move to strengthen my body. I will breathe to nurture my soul. I will search for beauty in all things. I will journey until I find what I have been searching for. I will dine. I will laugh. I will live. I will live a fulfilling, healthy life. Life isn’t about the destination but the journey. The journey begins now.

Welcome to it.


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