Are you ready? Well? Are you??

The first days of January are an opportunity to start a new you. An opportunity with a blank slate to start a new worthwhile goal and 365 days to accomplish it. As I look at the blank calendar I am filled with hope that this new day, week, month, or year will bring about something different than previous years.  Unfortunately, the calendar has the power to inspire, but nothing more. YOU are the motivating factor in your successes or failures.

How many times have you read a “how to” book and it says the first step to success is to be “ready?” I don’t know about you but this always kind of dumb- founded me. I mean, of course, I’m ready. I purchased the book, shake mix, exercise video, etc., didn’t I?

The idea of readiness is something to ponder. How many times have you said “Gee, I’d give anything to be that size?” Of course, in that instance we are envious of the result but are we really ready to do “anything” to obtain it?  I’ve said those words many times but when it came time to really mean it…well, I didn’t.

Are you ready? Are you ready like me to change your life one small goal at a time? Take some time and think about it.  Meditate over it. Mull it over. Make a decision and roll with it. In reality, what have you got to lose? Time passes anyway, right?  Over the next 7 days I will publish my personal goals and I will blog my results on each goal to hold myself accountable. Pretty ballsy, right? Well, I’ve never been accused of being shy.

Who am I anyway? Am I a diet guru? Am I a nutritionist? Am I a personal trainer? I am none of these things and yet at certain times I strive to be all of those things to myself to achieve my personal goals.

I am just your average PHAT girl working toward living a healthy life in all facets. Join me on my journey. Cheer for me and cheer for yourself to succeed with your goals.

I’m ready for the journey. Are you?


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