Smoked Brisket, Fried Egg, Avocado Taco…It’s what’s for breakfast!

Totes Paleo. Well the version of Paleo that allows for real corn tortillas containing only natural ingredients. I strive for 95% perfection. That measly 5% makes the plan livable. So what exactly are the 5% non-paleo foods that I consume? I can tell you it will never be things like cookies, ice creams, etc. The 5% is purely a convenience factor for me. I cook 95% of everything I eat. The 5% is for things I don’t want to make or find too time consuming or expensive to prepare. A corn tortilla is a perfect example. Is it hard to make? No. Can I easily make one or two of them on the rare occasion I want one? Nope. I try to limit the 5% to items that aren’t really that unhealthy but, in the interest of eating natural, I usually forego. Another example of the 5% is ketchup.

I don’t stress about meals and I don’t over plan them. I purchase meats, veggies, fruits, and nuts, and try to group them together so they complement each other. I will cook a protein and add a vegetable. I will snack on fruit if I want something sweet and nuts if I want something salty or if I’ve not eaten enough fat for the day. I know I’ve not eaten enough fat if I’m truly hungry. A high fat meal will keep me satisfied for hours and overall I eat less throughout the day. When I feel hungry, I’ll drink 8 oz of water first. After 15 minutes if I still feel ready to eat my own hand, then I’ll snack. Sometimes dehydration will feel like hunger.

So eating this way is simple for me. I add a healthy fat to a pan, add protein, brown it and add a vegetable. Season to taste and add compliments such as homemade salsa, pickles, etc., and its meal time.

This morning, I had left over smoked brisket to use up. Trust me when I say we are big carnivores here. It’s rare to have left over proteins. So I warmed two corn tortillas then added an egg fried in bacon fat, shredded smoked brisket seasoned with chili powder, a spritz of fresh lime, a slice of avocado, a pinch of fresh cilantro and a tablespoon of salsa. Ta-da! It’s 95% Paleo and 100% easy.